Whats In Your Closet?

Most of us have no idea how much money is gathering dust in our closets. To help you get an idea of what you could* make listing on Oh Frock! we built this handy Frocking Calculator. Just key in the quantity of frocks you would want to sell and get ready to make an O mouth of shock at how much cash is in your closet!

We estimate* you could list your frocks for

Thats a LOT of money to be sitting around. Now of course you could try a yard sale where you could possibly get 1/10 of the price for a full days work. Perhaps, you could list on one of those catch-all sites or apps and take your chances to be seen over the figurines and purses.

Instead of that, why not list your frocks with Oh Frock! and reach an audience of people just like you, looking for what you have to sell!

Signing up is easy and you can have your first frock listed in minutes with our apps or website.

We think its a frocking no-brainer!

*All prices and savings listed on this page are for information purposes and are based on items being listed at around 1/3 of their original cost. This is relfective of items listed on the site although actual prices and savings will vary depending on brand, quality and condition.
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