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What Is Oh Frock?

We are an online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers interested in purchasing consigned competitive sports dresses, leotards, accessories, practice wear, formal dresses, and costumes.

Do I need to create an account?

You can window shop without creating an account, however, you will need to create an account to buy or to sell on our website. Registering for an account at Oh Frock is simple! Go to our home page, select Sign Up and follow the simple steps. For reference, our registration page is here.

Why Frock with us you ask?

Well, why wouldn't you? We are frockin' awesome! We've built the site, advertise your items for you, send you the shipping label, and deposit your earnings for you! All you need to do is become a frocker by listing your items, spreading the word with your peeps, and then making a sale. Couldn't be any frockin' easier to make extra cash!

How does this work?

Oh Frock is easy and can be fun. Once you register for your free account you can list an unlimited number of gently used items for sale. When they are sold, a pre-printed shipping label will be emailed to you and you simply print that, pack your item and pop it in the mail. The buyer has a couple of days once they receive the item to check for any damage before the money from the sale (minus a small commission to us) is securely transferred directly to you bank account. Depending on the size of the item you are listing this could all be completed while in your frocking PJ’s at home! You can also buy some seasonal PJ’s on the site if you want to frock festively!

How much does it cost?

Listing items on Oh Frock is free unless they sell. We retain up to 18% of the sales price excluding shipping to cover our costs. The rest is securely transferred directly to our sellers through Stripe.

How do I get paid?

We partner with Stripe who are the leading online payment processor to handle secure transfer of seller funds directly to bank accounts. From your seller dashboard you will be guided through the process to setup you Stripe connect account to securely link your bank. Rest assured that your information is only shared with Stripe through their secure infrastructure. At Oh Frock! we have no direct access to your banking information other than necessary to send money to you.

When do I get paid?

Once your item reaches the buyer, they have 3 days to accept or reject it before we automatically mark it as accepted. Once the item is accepted we immediately notify Stripe to transfer your proceeds from the sale to you bank. This can take 3-5 days depending your financial institution.

What’s the deal with refunds?

All sellers agree to abide by our code of conduct and this includes making sure items are listed accurately and any significant defects noted. If you purchase an item and find it to be defective in a way not called out in the listing then you may be eligible to return the item or negotiate a reduction in price. Otherwise, items sold on the site are listed as-is and cannot be returned. If you buy something you don't like then you can list it back on the site and perhaps even turn a small profit in doing so. We like to call it re-frocking.

Sales and Shipping

What items can I list on the site?

There are some limitations on what can be listed and sold on the site based on USPS shipping policy https://www.usps.com/ship/shipping-restrictions.htm. We do reserve the right to remove any listing which is flagged to us as inappropriate, offensive or would be in violation of those shipping policies. Otherwise, you can list any item on the site which fits into our overall niche of sports, athletics, dance, fancy and collectables.

How long will my item take to get here?

Items sold through the site will be shipped via USPS and take anywhere from 1 to 3 days to reach their destination depending on the distance. We prepare a shipping label for each sale which lets us track delivery status which you can see on your orders page.

What if an item is lost?

Your items are automatically insured up to the declared value for loss or damage in transit. We do strongly recommend keeping a picture of the packaged item as proof of mailing. If you feel an item has been lost in transit then contact us for a refund and we will take necessary steps to initiate the insurance claim.

Advanced Features

What are offers?

When shopping on the site you will see the “Or Make Offer” under each items price. Clicking this link will let you make an offer to the seller for the item at a reduced price. In doing so, you are agreeing to purchase the item at that price if the offer is accepted and so we will collect payment information from you as though you were completing checkout. If the buyer accepts your offer they will ship within 72 hours and your order is completed automatically. If they dont like the price offered they may counter-offer. You will then also have time to consider this and complete the purchase but we will cancel you original offer in the interim.

Can I discount my frocks?

We all know that seeing “10% Off” an item can sway our purchasing decisions. You can discount any of your items that are listed on Oh Frock once they have been active for 7 days or more. In addition, you can setup bundle discounts which can be a great way to sell more items at great prices. This is simple to do from you seller dashboard and can be as elaborate as you need. For example, you can offer a $20 discount if someone spends more than $200 or 10% off if they purchase 3 or more items. During checkout, the buyer will be informed of these deals and be prompted to visit your frock shop to see if there is something else which they cannot live without!

How do I reach my followers?

From your seller dashboard you are able to see who is following you or some of your frocks. You will have the ability to make those followers special offers to help entice them to complete a purchase.

Technical Support

Help, I think something went wrong

We understand that things can go wrong and always just a small click away. You can call us during business hours, email us or shoot us a line from the site directly. Head over to our Contact page for more information.

Do I need a fancy computer for this?

Our goal for Oh Frock is to help athletes and dancers fund their dreams by rotating out their unused garments. We don’t expect anyone to buy a $2000 laptop to do so and built OhFrock to run on any device with a web browser. There are some limitations on the age of the browser being used but the latest versions of the following are supported for the website:
  • Internet Explorer is not officially supported at this time
  • Mobile Devices
  • Chrome for Android
  • Mobile Safari (iPhone browser)

Still have questions?

Still have a question not covered here, no problem just contact us and we'll be more than happy to help.

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