Frequently Asked Questions

What is Oh Frock?

We are an online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers interested in purchasing consigned competitive sports dresses, leotards, accessories, practice wear, formal dresses, and costumes.

What is a Frock?

A frock is a vintage term for a dress. Our definition of a 'Frock' is any competitive sports dress, leotard, accessory, practice wear, formal dress, or costume that you have hanging in your closet and want to turn into frockin' cash.

Why Frock with us you ask?

Well, why wouldn't you? We are frockin' awesome! We've built the site, advertise your items for you, send you the shipping label, and deposit your earnings for you! All you need to do is become a frocker by listing your items, spreading the word with your peeps, and then making a sale. Couldn't be any frockin' easier to make extra cash!

Do I need to create an account?

You may shop without creating an account, however, you will need to create an account to buy or to sell on our website.

How do I create an account?

Signing up at Oh Frock is simple! Go to our home page, and select create an account located on the top right hand corner and follow the simple steps.

How Do I register to become a Frocker (seller)?

Click on “Sell on oh Frock” on the top right hand corner, Select “Become a Frocker” tab, and follow the simple steps.

Is there a fee for selling through your website?

We charge a flat commission rate of 20% on any item sold through our website. Since shipping labels are generated on behalf of sellers, that cost is directly passed through to our service provider. For example, if an item is listed on the site for $100 and will cost $7.05 to ship the total cost of sale to the customer will be $107.05. Once the item has been recieved and accepted by the customer, we will send 80% of the item price to the seller via electronic banking transfer or $80 in this example, while the $7.05 will be paid to the shipping company directly.

How do I buy frocks?

Just create an account and browse around our frockin' awesome site. When you find a frock you like, add it to your cart and the rest is pretty easy.

Do you sell menswear?

Yes! Why the frock not? We welcome boys and menswear too.

Can I sell figure skates or skate blades?

No frocking way! These items need careful packing and we need to follow the rules of the road with shipping to make sure no-one gets hurt. But, we never say naver and may revise this policy in the future

Are sports rifles allowed on your site?

Are sports rifles allowed on your site? Please refer to our Terms and Conditions page for more specific details. Oh Frock prohibits the listing or sale of any firearm, or weapons of any kind and reserves the right to remove any listing that breaks this policy.

Can I sell an item if it has a flaw or stain?

Most of the items that are put up are in good or like new condition however, if there is a small stain or obvious flaw you must disclose it in the description and include a picture so the buyer can make an informed decision. So, yes you can list it just be frocking honest about it!!!

Can I try a dress on and send it back if it doesn't fit?

No frockin' way! We encourage you to make sure that you check out all the information under the listing you are interested in purchasing. If you are looking at a custom made frock, check out the measurements under the "more information" tab. If something isn't clear on the listing, make sure to email the seller and ask them whatever questions you may have regarding their listing

How do I answer a customer query notification (an email with a question) ?

We are currently updating this to make it easier, but for now, to reply to a customer query, you must log into your account through the website (not the app), select "my marketplace", choose "communication history", and select the message you are trying to answer. Once you have typed your answer in the space provided, hit "send". Your reply will go to the customer. The quicker you answer, the better chance you have to make the sale.

Can I make an offer or negotiate the price of an item?

The ability to negotiate and/or "Make me a Frockin' offer" will be coming soon! For now, if you would like to make an offer for an item, you can message the seller through Oh Frock! and make them an offer. It is up to them to accept or decline it.

How do I ship my items to a buyer?

We are glad you asked. That is so important that we gave it a page of its own which you can find here

Can you ship outside of the United States?

Not at this time. We might give it a frocking try in the future.

How do I measure a custom made dress?

Go to this page to find out more about custom made dresses and measurements.

What happens if my shipment is not received?

Well that would be a frockin' headache! First, please try and track your order through the USPS tracking site. (See how to track my order question below). If you still cannot locate your order, please contact our Customer Service Department immediately. We will help you find out what the frock is going on.

How do I track my order?

To track your order, find your order shipment confirmation email and click on the tracking link provided. Did you accidentally delete the email? Well that was a frockin' mistake, but don't worry we can help. Log into your account, go to "My Marketplace", select "My order history." Choose the order invoice and click on the "Shipments" tab. Scroll down until you see shipping and tracking information. Click on the highlighted "track delivery" link. This will take you to the USPS site and give you the location of the package.

Do you provide shipping insurance?

Items that are under $100 are insured for up to that amount. Extra insurance is based on the amount the item sells for at the time of purchase. For example, if the item sells for $350, the shipping insurance covers the item for $350.

How is shipping cost calculated?

The shipping cost is calculated based on weight and zone. When listing an item, make sure to choose the correct shipping weight from the “Shipping and Weight” options. There are four options to choose from, Lightweight for items that are 0.5Ibs (i.e. Shirt, Skirt, Pants), Standard for items that are 1Ibs (i.e. Jackets, Dress), Bulky 2Ibs (i.e. Beaded Dress), Heavy 3Ibs or more (i.e. Heavily Beaded Dress, as in some Irish Dance and Ballroom).

Can I return an order?

In general, unless the item is misrepresented the answer is no but you can refrock it on the site. For more information though, please review our refund policy.

What do I do if am going away for a few days and will not be available to ship any frocks?

If you are planning on going on vacation for Spring Break, competition, or this summer…make sure to turn your “I’m on Frocking vacation mode" on! Here are the steps on how to turn it on; 1.) Log into your account 2.)Go to Manage my Frocks 3.)Under "My Marketplace" select "My Frocking Vacations" 4.)Select the dates you will be gone (from start date til the day you return and are available to start shipping again) 5.)Turn Vacation Status to “ON" 6.)Double check that you have selected the right dates! *Buyers will still be able to view your items they just won't be able to make a purchase until you return and your vacation mode is off.

What if the sport I am selling something for is not listed?

Please send an email through the contact us section of the website and we may consider adding that sport. In the interim, you can list the item under Other Sports on the site.

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