Important guidelines for listing of items

Rules for listing:  

  • The item must be clean, and in GOOD or EXCELLENT condition
  • Items brand name must be identified on the listing and must be an original product.

Items that can be listed:

  • Competition dresses for figure skating
  • Competition leotard for Dancer
  • Competition leotard for Rhythmic Gymnastics
  • Competition dress for ballroom dancers
  • Competition dresses for Irish Dance
  • Practice wear
  • Tights must be unworn and in original package
  • Gently used Dance shoes
  • Accessories such as hair bands, ear warmers, pads, scarves, boot covers, soakers, guards, jewelry, unused gloves, and bags.

Items that are prohibited

The following items are prohibited from being listed on our website:

Figures skating boots, blades, Zucca bags, and/or any item that does not fit or that cannot be shipped using Priority Mail per USPS regulations, including nail polish, perfumes and aerosols.

Custom Measurements?

If the item is a custom size then please select the approximate size when listing to help make your item more visible to searches. You should also include the exact measurements of the item and have put together this simple guide if you need help!

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