What could you save?

Training and Competition apparel can be expensive which is why we started Oh Frock! As parents of artistic athletes ourselves, we know how important it is to find a great deal on the clothing we need. To help you get an idea of what you could* save by buying through Oh Frock! we built this handy Frocking Calculator. Just key in the quantity of frocks you need and get ready to make an O mouth of shock at how much you could save!

On the flipside, why not try our Closet Calculator to estaimate what you could make listing with Oh Frock!

We estimate you could save around

Thats a LOT of money you could save, now think how much you could make! At Oh Frock! we only list apparel your artistic athelete needs. No more trawling through thousands of purses, scarves or figurines looking for what you want.

Saving money on high quality items, we think its a frocking no-brainer!

*All prices and savings listsed on this page are for information purposes and are based on items being listed at 1/3 of their original cost. This is relfective of items listed on the site although actual prices and savings will vary depending on brand, quality and condition.
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