Shipping Information


When items are sold on the website we will generate and email the seller a pre-paid pre-addressed shipping label. The seller then must print the label, package the item, adhere the label and drop it for shipping within 3 day of the sale.

Rules for shipping:

  • USPS box, which are free (regular Priority Mail boxes or standard brown box)
  • Once its packaged they must drop it at the nearest US Post Office or drop it in the corner mailbox
  • The seller must have the right shipping label for the weight of the package
  • The seller must use the label provided by us
  • The seller must ship the order within 3 days of the sale. Orders can be cancelled if not shipped within 3 days.

USPS Box Specification

The label is pre-paid for by the buyer. The shipping cost will be calculated at checkout for all packages . We ship via USPS Priority Mail, but please make sure that you use the correct box.

Correct Boxes to use;

Boxes at the post office labeled “Priority” are free. They come in different sizes and are a great option for easy packaging.

Priority Mail box Standard postage box

The USPS boxes labeled “Priority Flat Rate”, “Express Mail”, or “Regional Rate” are NOT THE CORRECT BOXES.

Incorrect boxes

You can go to the USPS website and request free boxes which they will even ship directly to your house!


Once your package is ready to ship, you can do one of the following;


  1. Drop the package at your local post office
  2. Drop your package in a blue mailbox if the package fits.
  3. Schedule a package pick up through USPS website


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